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A gaming mousepad will help you to have a proper grip on the mouse cursor. 
It will be not too rough or too slippery.

If you have a gaming mouse and play games for long hours without a mousepad then you must have a gaming mousepad. 

It will enhance your gaming in different manners.

If you play battle games on your mobile for long hours then you must buy a phone cooler for gaming that will keep your phone cool during gaming.

For best results in gaming or any other work, I would recommend you to buy a gaming mousepad.

There are many types of mousepads available in the market but you can't trust all of them. 

Hence, you should choose the one which best suits your requirement.

Here are the Top 5 Gaming mousepads that you must buy:

1. Redgear MP44

Redgear's mousepads have an impressive build quality. This gaming mousepad is more comfortable for gaming than any other mousepad.

It can even manage your game sensitivity, as it has sensor reactive coating through which more light is reflected from the mouse.

The Redgear MP44 is available in speed and control types. So, you can choose which one to buy according to your need.

2. SpinBot Armor

SpinBot Armour gaming mouse pad is another good-looking and stylish pad.  
It is India's first 5 MM thick gaming pad. 

It's available in both control and speed type surfaces also with three different sizes. 

This gaming mouse pad has a high-quality surface to glide the mouse and also provides a proper grip.

This pad is a 100% waterproof coating that allows it to be washable.

If you are looking for better control in your gaming then you must buy this gaming pad.

Buy here

3. Cosmic Byte Dwarf Mouse Pad

The Cosmic Byte Dwarf Mouse Pad comes with an anti-microbial coating that makes it safe from different microbes getting on the surface.

It has a nonslippery base that makes it useful for battle games.

This pad is made up of silk material that makes it convenient for better control in gaming.

4. Redragon Capricorn P012

The Redragon Capricorn P012 is specially designed for gaming but it can be used for casual uses also. 

It is a hybrid type of pad that provides a blend of control and speed. It has a non-slippery rubber bottom with a waterproof surface.

This pad is very lightweight and can be used by professional gamers.

5. RiaTech Large Size

RiaTech's large mouse pad will keep your keyboard and mouse safe. 

It has an extended pad that makes it perfect for endless gliding of mouse.

It has a nonslip rubber base with a waterproof coating on it.

This gaming pad can be used for continuous gaming without any errors in the game.


Before buying a gaming mouse pad you must consider these gaming pads discussed above. 

The speed, control, and size of the pad are also worth considering before getting a gaming pad.

I will not recommend you to buy a small gaming pad as the large and extra-large gaming pads are more comfortable for gaming.

SpinBot Gaming Gears

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