Mobile App Development Trends 2020

Right now more than 5.1 billion people all over the world are using mobile phones in one way or another. The mobile technology is taking long strides. But there are many other spheres of technology that are developing with great speed and all these technologies are leaving a strong mark on mobile phone technology. This is why, the ancillary technologies are shaping up not just the process of mobile app development, but also how consumers interact with their individual mobile apps.

How is mobile app development going to change in 2020? What are the trends? Why do we need to keep a finger on the pulse of these trends? If you want to work with technology, you need to know about technology. You need to know where the technology is heading.

Take for example artificial intelligence. AI is making its presence felt in every aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to making our interactions with technologies more meaningful, less costly and more effective. For example, 87% of retail businesses are using AI to improve sales and provide after-sales service. AI is definitely going to shape up the mobile app development industry in 2020.

AI heavily depends on machine learning. The more the machine is able to learn, the smarter is the AI. With greater processing power and more data to save, mobile apps are going to be powered increasingly by the capacities of the devices on which these mobile apps are being used. These and many more technologies are being discussed in the infographic given below. Mind-blowing statistics and revealing data are going to give you a sense of where the trends of mobile app development are heading in 2020.

Mobile App Development Trends 2020

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