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DeskFlex Room Booking

Our conference room systems provide a streamlined method for organizing, managing, and scheduling office spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and office equipment. More companies are implementing flexible working hours, agile working, and shifting of employees in current workspaces, leaving workspaces unused for a period. 

Using a conference room booking system optimizes office space use. Our room scheduling system allows users to view the availability of the conference room through the 3D floor maps and color-coded bookable space indicators. Thus, your teams can reserve available office spaces ahead of time.

The system has auto-release of reserved desks, workstations, and conference rooms when no check-in is detected within a specific period. When the system releases the unused space, other team members can reserve the office space for the time being. 

Meeting Room Booking System

Moreover, the office facility administrator manages meeting rooms and can designate any team member to reserve conference rooms for their team meetings and company events ahead of time. Through the meeting room booking systems, the room booking process may include the reservation of audio and visual equipment necessary in the company event.      

For meetings to be successful, the corporate event planner must perform information dissemination. Our meeting room bookings system integrates with Microsoft exchange and booking calendar to inform teams of upcoming company events and request their presence to attend the meeting request.

Planning for a team meeting will entail exceptional organizational skills and using the right scheduling assistant. In other words, our conference room booking system offers you customization versatility. Hence, any team member can easily make reservations via your organization’s intranet or a kiosk. Users can view room availability and make bookings from their desks or even from home with their mobile devices using the room booking app.

In addition, DeskFlex can be customized to work in any setting, including schools and university campuses, whether that’s publicly shared clubs, sports arenas, or libraries. Extensive and comprehensive universities will need an automated meeting room bookings system to organize. Above all, it’s a comprehensive room booking scheduler and resource scheduling system. 

Online Booking Software for Quick Reservations!

DeskFlex conference room booking software lets you make reservations within seconds using the meeting room manager. After that, your employees can check availability and book the meeting room ahead of time. However, you can directly create online room bookings from Outlook and create, modify, view, and cancel reservations, all with a simple click of your mouse.

DeskFlex integration simplifies scheduling and reserving space and equipment. Coordinating your schedule with others has never been easier. Plus, employees can synchronize reservations with other staff. Moreover, our web-based room booking solutions integrate with Outlook to allow a quick view. Bookings, cancellations, and modifications can be made from the desk!

Administrators can also track space booking and utilization from the desk. They can use this data to maximize office meeting room utilization. Facility managers can quickly analyze activity and allocate departmental costs of the conference room bookings. They can also analyze reports by usage, type of space, or workspace. You can print, email, or export in .csv format for use in spreadsheets to your reports.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about the software and subscribe to it for your organization!

DeskFlex Booking Software

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