5 Reasons Why Work from Home Is Not A Vacation

Pandemic brought a lot of changes in people’s lives. One significant change is that most people now are working from home or wanted to work from home. The fact that it is more convenient has drawn people to the idea of telecommuting.

However, there are several misconceptions about it. A common one is that since they do remote work, they are always on a vacation. Absolutely not!

Work from home doesn’t necessarily mean that employees are on vacation. Virtual Assistants, for instance, spend more time working because they can take multiple jobs.

Here are 5 reasons why work from home is not a vacation:

1. Work continues

People may not be commuting to work but they are still WORKING. The workplace is different but the work is not. Relaxation is not an option. 

2. Increase in workload

The company tends to give more work to compensate for possible idle time since employees are doing remote work and supervision is minimal

3. Stressful rather than enjoyable

You only worry about work when you are at the office. When you work from home you have to deal with lots of things other than your job. Distractions are everywhere like kids, pets, and even neighbors. Not to mention the utility bills you have to pay, like electricity and wifi.

4. Form of escape

Not everyone has a good relationship at home. Going and staying at work for hours is their escape. It is a relief for them knowing they will be spending time outside.

5. Limited  Interactions

Unlike in a vacation, social and physical interactions are not big when telecommuting. The interactions you have with colleagues and friends are limited to online chats and video conferences.

5 Reasons Why Work from Home Is Not A Vacation

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