5 Reasons to Study Hospitality and Travel

Endless opportunities

  • Literally opens up the world to anyone who loves combining work with travel
  • Hospitality and travel courses can lead to a career as a tour manager, travel consultant, airport ground staff, events manager – the list is endless!
  • The days of workers in the hospitality and travel sector are often dynamic, with very few to no dull moments


Flexible schedule

  • The industry is perfect for anyone looking to escape the traditional roles of working 9 to 5
  • Sets one free from the confines of an office and the drudgery of waiting for delegated tasks
  • Hospitality and travel make it possible to earn a full-time income in a short work week


Makes one part of a legacy

  • The hospitality and travel industry impacts the lifestyles and cultures of both locals and visitors
  • It promotes local goods and services in a superior manner
  • Being part of the industry allows one to directly contribute to the revitalization and preservation of local customs, traditions, heritage and identity


Helps people live fuller lives

  • It increases their physical activity, improves their mental health, and reduces their stress levels
  • It develops a better understanding of other cultures, new perspectives, and greater appreciation for one’s home
  • By working in the industry, one gets to help people create memorable and meaningful experiences


It’s resilient and growing

  • Based on the May Labor Force Survey in Canada, employment in the tourism sector jumped by 83,000 jobs, bringing the total employment to 620,500
  • By industry group, accommodations saw an increase in employment by 14,100.
  • Global travel is “incredibly resilient,” according to Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi. Although the COVID-19 has directly impacted the industry, people’s need to travel “outweighs their concerns fairly quickly.”    


Take your first step to having a fulfilling career in a resilient industry by enrolling at Eton College Canada. Known for its exceptional tourism and hospitality programs, Eton College Canada aims to help students seeking professional careers and/or advanced education in these sectors.  



5 Reasons to Study Hospitality and Travel

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